The Doux Mousse Def Review

Hi Ladies,

I'm back with a review. I tried The Doux Mousse Def for my wash-n-go this week. I was pleasently surprised with a one product wash-n-go results. I applied a generous amount to each section of my hair, scrunched, and added additional water. After I was done applying product all over my hair, I sat under the dryer for 15 minutes, and then diffused my ends for 15 minutes.

 I'm super happy and surprised with my results. My hair has body, it feels moisturized, and has definition. This is  a great staple product and will be a great addition to a hair routine either adding on with another product or used alone.

I can't wait to take this on vacation, as this is the best product to travel with airport restrictions. Check out my Youtube Demo + Review below!