I Dyed My Hair Blue....Sike *Temp Hair Colors*

Hi Ladies,

So if you didn't see this video on Youtube or on IGTV,  you aren't subscribed. Check me out on Instagram and Youtube ASAP. I wanted to try out the new temporary hair colors that have been all over the internet. They offer a no bleach option that washes out easy and gives a vibrant color to your hair. The brand I ordered was Hair Paint Wax. I've seen on YouTube that a lot of bloggers bought different foreign brands online, but I wanted to be able to read what I was putting in my hair. The Hair Paint is a water based and bees wax. Below is the video on how I applied it.

So bad thing is, I ended up getting an interview for a part time job shorty after starting the filming on the video, so I finished but only kept it in for a day. Overall I was super happy with my results, it really does do what it says, butttt the product feels a little drying on my hair and that was an adjustment to me. Nice thing was it rinsed out really easily even before I shampooed.

Also I did experience a little additional curl frizz from applying the product. I loved that once the product dried, there was no transfer onto my clothes, and also I accidentally got it on my lacquer table and fabric chair, and had no issues using water to remove it with no staining. I do have four colors because the shipping on the website was a flat fee and there were not promos to get free shipping, so I wanted to get all the colors I might want to use so I have blue, purple, pink, and white. I'd use the white to lighten up another color and give some dimension. I wore the blue hair all day and everyone complimented me on it, and one person even half way said they would dye their hair this color too but they have a job (haha).

Dark lighting

I haven't reached for it since filming, but that's really because I'm working more now and can't wear my hair super colorful. I will be using the purple when I got to LA for my birthday next month. Have any questions? Leave them below.