2019 Curly Hair Highlights & DevaCut Update

Hi Ladies,

So I'm sharing with you my second DevaCut and new highlights.

April 2018 Highlights

I got my hair colored last April, as a ombre on straight hair. My girl Kyndra did it, and did a great job. As I started wearing my hair curly full time, and getting my hair cut more, the color looked a little less even because curl patterns are different in different parts of my hair.

Pre-Deva Cut

I wanted to get more color added to make the hair cut look better. Sabrina, my curly hair stylist, wanted to improve the moisture and integrity of my hair before she would color it.

First DevaCut December 2018

I got my first Devacut at the end of December and came back for a second Devacut at the end of March. Sabrina was surprised at how far my hair had come. I had committed to deep conditioning every week, and following all the hair care steps she had asked me to, and it made such a difference. I tried other products out to see what worked best with my hair. One thing that caused a lot of frizz and less definition on my hair was the Jane Carter Solution Leave In Conditioner. Right now, my hair routine is still shampooing/conditioning with Pureology Hydrate, and using the Pureology Hydrate Hair Mask. I've tried several different styling products that I've enjoyed including DevaCurl Super Stretch and The Doux Mousee Def. I've found myself going back to Jane Carter Solutions Incredible Curls Cream and Curls To Go Elongating Gel on a regular basis. I also have changed brushes, from a wet brush, to a tangle tamer XL. I feel like the tangle tamer gives me way better definition and spiraled curls but creates more shrinkage. Sabrina told me, the more healthy my hair got, the shorter it would look, and I can definitely agree with that statement.

Second DevaCut March 2019

When I went back for my second DevaCut, I decided I wanted to get some bangs to had some dimension to my hair. As you see in this picture, my color is almost grown out. It's amazing how quickly your hair can grow if you're taking good care of it. This is less than a year of growth from getting color. So Sabrina, is booked and busy. After she saw how well I was taking care of my hair, she agreed that I could start getting some more color with it, but was booked until mid-June. 

DevaCurl Super Cream & JCS Curls To Go Gel

I was happy to get the color but wanted it sooner, Sabrina told me should put me on her cancellation list. Well a couple days later, someone canceled, and I was back in her chair, not even a week later.

Balayage Hair Color & Second Devacut April 2019
Sabrina did a Balayage hair color on my hair which is basically a hand painting technique on the curls. She used folds to help develop my hair. She also noticed I had more hair then she remembered. Several bowls later of color, she rinsed out the bottom of my hair and shampooed. She told me it's very important for curly hair to rinse the developer off when it's done, and not to let the color sit while the whole hair finishes processing. She wanted to maintain the integrity of my curls which was really important to me. Since the back of my hair's curl pattern is the strongest, my color was little lighter in the back. It's actually closer to the overall blonde color I would like. The front is a pretty color, and I love it, but would like to go a little more light in some sections. Sabrina is using the slow but steady method to make sure my curls don't become waves, so we will do a little more lighting of my front area in July when I go back for a trim.

Day Two Hair using JCS Incredible Curls Cream & Elongating Gel

I'm really enjoying learning more about my curls and letting go of the tight defined curls look. I'm learning to break the cask and be OK with a little frizz in my hair. I used to prefer first day curls because of how defined they look, but I receive more compliments on my hair, the bigger it gets, and the less "defined" it looks. My refreshing of my curls has also drastically improved.

Day Two Hair Refreshed with water only

It used to take me 10+ minutes of adding more water, products, and sometimes diffusing to get my hair to "look good". After I got over chasing the perfect hair, and honestly wanted to sleep more, I started to refresh less, and my hair kinda learned to do it's own thing. For day 2-3 hair, I don't really refresh with products, just spray my hair a little with water, shake it, and go. On day 4, I use a little bit of Soultanical's Frizz Whiz leave in Conditioner, apply it in sections with some water, and my hair is good until around Day 6 to wash day.

Pre Deva Cut August 2018

I'm super happy with the progress of my hair. My friend Erin and I were just laughing this weekend on old curly hair pics where I thought my curls were popping. It's so funny now how bad they look to me. Who knows, maybe I'll this way about my current hair a few years from now. My goal is to continue to grow out my hair to a longer length and I can't wait to see what my curls look like by the end of the year.

**Side note: If you're in Charlotte, and interested in Sabrina cutting your hair, she's not accepting new clients until July 2019. Those spots will be limited, so reach out to her and get on her books quickly.