Eyebrow Microshading

Hi Ladies,

Before & After Brows
So randomly, a month ago, I decided that I needed to step up my makeup game for work. I used to wear a full face everyday, including neutral eye shadows, when my skin was really bad, but as my skin improved, using Acne.org, I stopped wearing makeup for a while, and got lazy in the mornings when it came to makeup. I recognize, as a consultant especially, that wearing a minimal amount of makeup is a good idea. It makes me look more awake and refreshed. Right now I'm also working a second job, in preparation to pay for graduate school, so sometimes I'm a little extra tired, and some makeup goes a long way to hide that. I'm definitely not interested in putting a full face on everyday at all. When I went to my eyebrow appointment with Sandra, I asked her about brow tinting.I feel like brows really set the look of your overall face, and having neat/done brows will already look like you put some effort into your appearance. Based on my lifestyle(I work out 4x a week), Sandra felt like the brow tint wouldn't work well for me. She said it would be gone within a week because brow tinting is not permanent. So I asked about microblading. She told me about microshading, and also that her friend was coming into town the next week, and could do it for me. Microshadowing gives the look of wearing makeup on your filled brow. My eyebrow hairs, oddly are curly just like my regular hair, so microblading strokes, won't really blend in for me. I booked my appointment on the spot. I was excited and nervous. I went to all these sites looking up microblading, ombre brows, nano brows, combo brows. All this information on it. The process was super easy.

I arrived Friday morning for my appointment with Lily. She basically aligned my brows up so I could see exactly where she would be doing the shading. Went over changing my arch some, and went over aftercare with me. I couldn't work out for a week to 10 days afterwards so that they could heal (Mine ended up taking the full 10 days), and I could not get my brows wet for that time period, so I had to be careful when washing my face, not to splash my brows and to use a wash cloth when cleaning my forehead. Out of all the process, this was probably the hardest. I didn't feel like I was getting my forehead as clean as I wanted and waiting for the brows to heal was annoying to me because I was running in a 5k two weeks afterwards, and needed to be training, but it was well worth it.

Peeling on brows
The 9/10th day I gently washed my face with cleanser including my brows, and all the flaking was gone. With microshading, 20-40% of the pigment lightens up afterwards so the brows look more natural and less harsh. Sandra and Lily both do microshading. Lily is located in South Florida outside of Fort Lauderdale area and Sandra is located right outside of Charlotte, NC in Pineville, NC. Check them out if you're in the Southeast area. I'll admit, there are some days that I still don't wear any makeup but having my brows done, looks like I did something.

Numbing cream applied

The process was painless. After Lily make sure my brows were symmetrical and drew out the shape, which took the longest out of the two hour appointment, she applied numbing cream to the brows for about fifteen minutes. The first couple of strokes felt like a slight scratch, and after that felt like nothing. The pain level was a 1-2. Lily provided an aftercare kit and all the instructions I would need. I will have to get touch ups probably 1-2 times a year to maintain the brows. The original cost ranges between $400-475 and touch ups are between $100-$175. To not have to buy eyebrow pencil though, and fill in my brows everyday, it's very much worth it to me.

Before/After. This is immediately following microshading before they have healed.

Here's the complete video process of getting my brows microshaded on my Youtube Channel:

After my brows healed, this is what they look like now! There is a little part that I want to have retouched, at the arch where I don't have much hair, but it still looks good, just want to darken it up a bit.

Fully healed brows

If you decide to get your brows professional done, make sure they are being maintained properly either by the person who did them or someone you trust. Lily told me that a lot of people will get their brows professional done, then get waxing or threading done at nail salons or other places who don't really try to maintain the integrity of the brows, and their results don't last long. Thankfully, Sandra is excellent with my natural brows. I have to wait about six weeks before getting my regular waxing done, and eight weeks before any touch ups.

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